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We're here to answer all of your questions. Our number one priority is to equip you with every tool necessary to help you create the perfect kitchen. In our FAQ section, we attempt to provide you with everything you need to know about our countertop surfaces to help guide you in selecting the perfect Precision Countertop. To schedule an in-home estimation please click here. If you don't find your answers in our FAQ section, please send us an email. If you need further help, please call our customer service desk at 1-800-548-4445.

• Installation FAQ

• Basic Countertop Maintenance

• Prior to Purchase/How Do I Choose a Countertop

• Product Information FAQ

Installation FAQ

What is the warranty on my countertop?
Silestone: When you purchase a Silestone Countertop from Precision, you get a 1-year installation warranty from Precision Countertops and a 15-year manufacturer warranty on the product itself.

Laminate: When you purchase a Laminate Countertop from Precision, you get a 1-year installation warranty from Precision Countertops and a 10-year manufacturer warranty on the product itself.

Corian: When you purchase a Corian Countertop from Precision, you get a 1-year installation warranty from Precision Countertops and a 10-year manufacturer warranty on the product itself.

Granite: When you purchase a Granite Countertop from Precision, you get a 15-year warranty against staining.

Do I need a sub deck under my stone countertops?
Silestone: No, all of our Silestone slabs are 3cm (1 ¼") thick and will lie directly on your cabinets.

Granite: No, all of our Granite slabs are 3cm (1 ¼") thick and will lie directly on your cabinets.

Can I install my own countertops?
Laminate: Yes you can!! We will build laminate countertops to your dimensions so you can install it yourself. We do have a $200 minimum for producing jobs that you install yourself.

Corian: No. As an authorized fabricator for Corian we are under commitment with DuPont. The maker of Corian (DuPont) requires all countertops made out of Corian to be installed by an authorized installer in order to have the 10 year warranty apply.

Silestone:No. As the authorized fabricator for Silestone in Oregon and Washington we are under contract to use trained subcontractors to install Silestone Countertops in order to have the 15 year warranty apply.

Granite: No, you can not install your own countertops but we will fabricate a tabletop and you can install a tabletop piece yourself as long as there are no cutouts.

What is a template?
A template is a pattern made of your future countertops that will be used to produce your countertop to your specifications.

What are your lead times?
From order through installation the process usually takes about 3-4 weeks. (This time can vary depending on current work loads.)

Basic Countertop Maintenance

How do I clean my countertops?
Granite: If you'd like, you may purchase a special stone cleaner. However, warm water and a light colored dish soap will also work well. Be sure to avoid using any abrasive cleaners that will break down your seal quicker.
Silestone: You can use anything from an all purpose cleaner to soap and water.
Corian: Everyday cleaning of Corian can be done by an all purpose cleaner or warm water. For stains or heavy dirt you may also use a scotch bright light abrasive pad and a little elbow grease!
Laminate: Any all purpose cleaner will work great.

How do I know if I need to seal my granite?
One method you can use to check if your granite needs to be resealed is to sprinkle some water on your countertops. If the water soaks into the stone and does not bead up, then we would recommend resealing your granite.

What should I avoid with my countertops?
Granite: Wine, mustard, oils, acidic chemicals.
Silestone: Any harsh chemicals.

Do I need to seal my countertop?
Granite: No, our granite is sealed during fabrication
Silestone: No. The seal is engineered into the stone at production.
Corian: No.

Can I set hot things on my stone countertops?
We recommend that you DO NOT place hot things such as hot pots directly on any of the countertops we offer.

Prior to Purchase/How Do I Choose a Countertop

How can I determine my real bottom line cost?
Many things go into the cost of your countertops. While considering which product to go with and comparing prices, know that the elements that go into your countertop price are: square footage; edge profile; backsplash; sink; stove; the location of your home; and access to your home.

How will I know if my old cabinets can support a new countertop?
Stone countertops can weigh up to 30 pounds per square foot. At the time of template, our "templating" team will make sure your cabinets are structurally sound to handle the weight of your new countertops.

What are the major differences between the different countertops?
Granite: Natural Beauty unmatched by any other product
Silestone: Durability and little to no maintenance
Corian: Seamless
Laminate: Priced for any home with widest color selection

Product Information FAQ

Will my countertop have a seam?
We try extremely hard to avoid seams if possible, but the reality is that the majority of countertops will have a seam no matter how hard we try.

How is the seam placement determined on my stone countertops?
Seams are determined by Precision Countertops depending on countertop layout, support needed, and material usage.

How much does the stone countertop weigh?
Stone slabs weigh between 25 and 30 pounds per square foot.

Where does the Granite come from?
The granite in our Bellisimo Granite Collection comes from quarries all over the world such as Brazil, Italy, and India.

What is the advantage of Granite Countertops?
Granite is the best natural surface used for countertops. Its natural beauty allows you to have a countertop that can not be duplicated.

What is the advantage of Silestone Countertops?
Silestone is an engineered quartz surface that is 93% quartz. It is the most durable and low maintenance countertop offered on the market.

What is the advantage of Corian Countertops?
Corian is an Acrylic composite that allows seamless transitions between pieces, sinks, and even into the backsplash.

What is the advantage of Laminate Countertops?
Laminate is priced for any home with many edge profiles and color options.

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